Understanding the Photography Process

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Photography is an art

In Abundance Photography boasts a consistent style that encompasses a warm, romantic, story like charm. Each unique story will unfold in a series of carefully selected images for our clients  to reminisce on for a life time. 

We understand that each wedding has its own vibe and carefully selected tribe, therefore, we aspire to keep this unique feel in our story telling. Creating a walk through story of each special day without losing its unique flavour.


Art takes time

At In Abundance Photography we endeavour to create unique art pieces in the shape of a story – representing your special day or occasion.  It is of utmost importance this process is not done in haste and we present these final images within 12 weeks of the photoshoot. We understand your excitement to see these final images and we are just as excited to present them to you. But your patience in the process is required as art does in fact take time.

It is important to take note that we do not share RAW images. We only present final works of art and subsequently cannot include RAW, unfinished artwork.

Time your Photoshoots

Even though an engagement photoshoot is not a requirement, it holds great benefits such as 

  • to ease your big day nerves, 
  • understanding various poses, 
  • getting to know your photographer’s style and 
  • ultimately what is expected from you during photoshoots.

During this time you are able to ask the questions to get important feedback from your photographer and ultimately be prepared for the photoshoot on your wedding day. We recommend an engagement shoot no less than two months before your wedding date. This will allow enough lead time (6 weeks) to receive your images before your big day. 

Final Photo Thoughts 

Photography and Videography are two different disciplines. In Abundance Photography specialises in photography, should you require a video for your wedding you will need to book this separately.

Keep the conversation open.  It is important to communicate to your photographer openly, the more you are able to share beforehand,  the better the experience would be. Share a list of family who would be attending as well as a finalised schedule.

Be realistic about photos.  During the editing process the images are imported into photoshop to finalise the product. During this process the focus is to enhance the beauty of the day and highlighting the connection and love of the happy couple.  In Abundance Photography cannot change your body or any other distinguishing marks from your person.  

Nevermind the weather. The weather is not within our control but In Abundance Photography comes with enough experience to assist you in finding suitable solutions. Rest assured that you are in professional hands and no need to be anxious simply enjoy your wedding day.

Keep smiling.  We hope these tips helped to ease those wedding jitters and that we will connect with you to discuss your special day soon!